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We Promise You The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen …OR IT IS FREE!

Your carpets are the focal point of your home.  We enjoy their softness and warmth for children to play on.   We depend on the carpets own built-in resilience as we crush them underfoot day-in and day-out.  Yet we often forget one their main benefits … your carpets are the ‘Air-Filter’ to your home.  They trap and hold the dust and pollen allowing you the breathe fresher air, and to continue to do this they need to be maintained correctly.

At Mr Monkland’s we call upon our 40-years of ‘know-how’ to restore your carpets to a new-like condition, making them clean, bright and most importantly healthy again, for you to enjoy the beauty of your home once more.

Above is TV’s Anthea Turner thanking Angela Robertson, co-founder and partner at Mr Monkland, after being delighted with the carpet cleaning that was done in her home.

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Fall In Love AGAIN…With Your Clean & Healthy Carpets!

We all LOVE new carpets… but what happens when they get dirty, we don’t love them quite so much, do we?  Allow us to use our 40-years of cleaning passion to rekindle your love, by restoring your carpets to ‘like-new’, leaving them beautifully soft, clean and healthy again.

Healthy Home Carpet Audit

Mr Monklands ‘Healthy Home Carpet Audit’ is a straightforward process where we come to your home and inspect all your carpeted area’s and give free advise on the best way to look after your carpets and provide ideas to improve the indoor-air in your home.   We measure each room and give you a FREE no obligation quotation for any areas which may need cleaning.  We print (or PDF & email) a FREE REPORT on our recommendations for your home and print the quote for your too.

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Deep & Thorough Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to perfect carpet cleaning, Mr Monkland knows a thing or two. Over 40-Years of carpet cleaning experience has taught us we don’t offer a ‘lower-level’ or ‘basic-one step’ service of cleaning at a cheaper price. At Mr Monkland we always offer our 9-step cleaning process … which we guarantee is the deepest, most thorough and a comprehensive clean you’ve ever had … OR IT’S FREE!

See Our NINE Step Carpet Cleaning Here

Specialist Carpet Stain Removal

When it comes to carpet stain removal there are so many factors involved like the carpet fibre type, whether the spill contains dyes, was it a large spill that soaked through to carpet to the underlay and of course what products the home owner has already used on the stain … so we really can’t tell you if the stain is fully removable or not until we carry out some tests.   However, over the years we have developed a number of carpet stain removal procedures which has enabled us to reach a high success rate.

Anti-Stain Carpet Protection

Mr Monkland’s Anti-Stain Carpet Treatment Is Very Special … It coats and encapsulates each and every fibre with an invisible shield giving you THREE main benefits…  1. Prevents the allergy-inducing House Dust Mite from living on the item and so helps to reduce the amount of allergens in the home.  2. It protects dry soil from sticking to or scratching the fibres – therefore soil removal by normal vacuuming is made easier and the fibres last longer.  3. Most spills will bead on the surface allowing you time to blot them off before they soak in, giving a stain free carpet.

See More About Carpet Protection Here

Choosing a good carpet cleaner you can TRUST isn’t easy…


Because you’re bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims and simply bad information. From super-low prices and high-pressure sales – to unqualified technicians and near worthless methods – how do you ever find a qualified, competent, professional carpet cleaner?

Now we have the answer for you … a 16-page guide to help you choose a carpet cleaner you can trust.  See full details for the contents below…

About Us

Thank you for visiting our Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Website.

Mr Monkland was founded 40 years ago by myself, Keith Robertson and my beautiful wife Angela. Together, we have run the business since 1976. Now we are assisted by some members of our grown up family.

Why ‘Mr Monkland’?   Well, when we started the business we lived and worked 
in the Monkland’s area of Lanarkshire.   The work tradition of the Monkland’s dates back to the Cistercian monks of Newbattle Abbey who were granted the area by King Malcolm IV in 1162 and established the mining of coal.  We have an interest in tradition and strong values so after moving to the Edinburgh area we decided to keep the name.

We are a working class-family, who for 40-years has been delivering the trade of specialised cleaning services in some of the very best homes in Edinburgh and the Lothians. We have dedicated our business to give good old-fashioned customer service while always incorporating the very latest cleaning equipment and techniques.

The Mr Monkland logo is seen as a knowledgeable trades person, and the bowler hat gives little touch of tradition and service.

We are assisted by our son David Robertson (seen here with his wife Nicki) along with a number of senior technicians. David is responsible for the daily running of Mr Monkland the domestic carpet cleaning section.

All our work is fully GUARANTEED for 7-days after the clean. If you’re not happy with our clean …we’ll re-clean for FREE. Still not happy we’ll REFUND your money 100%

Many of our clients like our ‘PERFECT CARE’ Maintenance Plan, which gives you CLEAN and HEALTHY carpets all-year round from as little as 60p per day!

Keith & Angela Robertson

Mr Monkland’s Benefits

What you’ll always find from the first time you call us until the work is completed is ‘Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service’

  • Local, family-run cleaning business, with two generations of the Robertson family
  • Serving the Edinburgh area since 1976
  • We treat your home with RESPECT
  • Minimum disruption to your home-life
  • We always arrive and depart on time
  • We move the heavy furniture for you
  • Look and act professionally at all times
  • All Mr Monkland’s team members are fully trained and regularly re-train
  • Mr Monkland use the latest equipment
  • We are current Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association
  • Trained to International standards by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration and Certification Standards,Run and adhere to strict Code of Practice
  • Fully Insured for ‘Treatment Risk’ (i.e. items we work on)
  • Fully compliant with PAS86: 2008, the Publicly Available Specification for the Professional Inspection Maintenance Cleaning and Restoration of Textile Floor Coverings
  • We work and are registered with the Local Authorities and Scottish Government
  • VAT registered
  • All types of domestic carpets
  • We clean all types of contract/ commercial carpets
  • We clean tufted carpets
  • We clean woven Axminster & Wilton carpets
  • We clean area rugs
  • We also clean fabric upholstery
  • We clean leather upholstery
  • We anti-stain treat carpets and rugs
  • And we anti-stain treat both fabric and leather upholstery

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The Healthy Home Audit

We are happy to give you an estimated price over the phone, however, to give you a quotation we must carry out a full inspection of your carpets … so to make it easier for you we offer the ‘Healthy Home Audit’. This is where will inspect your carpets and offer FREE advice on how to look after them and how to improve your indoor-air-quality. Here’s the four steps…

The Welcome

A Healthy Home Audit is just that, we will come out to your home at a time convenient to you and give you free advice on how to look after your carpet. The more rooms you can show us the better the advice we can give.

Customer Care

As soon as you answer the door hopefully you will notice our attention to detail and our outstanding customer care.
We will always wear plastic ‘booties’ over our shoes before we walk on your carpets.

The Inspection

We inspect the carpet and discuss all your areas of concern, we will take note of all the facts on our computer to give you a 3-page Healthy Home Report. We record all room sizes should you require a quotation on other rooms at a later date.

The Quotation

Our computer will calculate a number of packages for you. The carpet cleaner will then recommend the package he believes professionally fits your home the best … now … is that the kind of service you’re looking for?

Mr Monkland’s Nine Steps To The Perfectly Clean Carpet

When it comes to perfect carpet cleaning, Mr Monkland really knows a thing or two.  At Mr Monkland we only have one level of carpet cleaning … a deep, thorough and a comprehensive clean.   We always use our 9-step cleaning system every time to make 100% sure we leave your carpets cleaner, brighter, fresher and healthier then ever before.

Step 1: Move Large Furnishings

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 1 Move Large Furnishings
Where we can, we will move all large items like sofas and dining tables etc. downstairs and your beds upstairs, this is so we can really clean all your carpets to make them healthy again.  We want ALL the dust, dirt and pollutants out.

Step 2: High Filtration Vacuuming

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 2: Vacuum Carpet
At Mr Monkland we always dry vacuum your carpets with a powerful high-filtration vacuum cleaner, this is to remove as much of the dry soil as possible from the bottom of the carpet before wetting the carpet.  This is an important step a lot of cleaners cut corners with.

Step 3: Spot and Stain Removal

Stains will be pre-treated with specialist stain removers.  We do this as cleaning with hot water can often set some stains, so we need to treat these ones before we start.  Over 40-Years Mr Monkland has learnt a lot of methods, although this step can on occasion take longer than the normal carpet cleaning.

Step 4: Eco-Friendly Pre-Cleaners

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 4 Prespray carpet
Once we have removed most of the dry soil and bad stains, we apply a special a eco-friendly pre-cleaner all over the carpet to help break down the sticky and oily soils which are stuck to the carpet fibres. This will encapsulate and suspend the soil until we rinse it away.

Step 5: Hot-Water Extraction Machines

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 5 Use correct powerful machine
At Mr Monkland we can use a number of different systems, our main machine is a large van mounted cleaning machine (of a specially adapted high powered portable machine) … which is many times more powerful than the very best vacuum cleaner. The benefit to you, is that we are able to remove more soil and pollutants than normal hot water extraction machines.

Step 6: Residue Rinsed From Carpet

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 6 Rinse Carpet
The last stage of the cleaning process is to rinse all residues away leaving you a clean and healthy carpet.  Many cleaners don’t do this, which is like not rinsing out all the shampoo from your hair.  Once cleaned we leave the carpet almost touch-dry.

Step 7: Groom and Inspect The Cleaning

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 7 Groom Carpet
As part of our Guarantee, before we pack away we will groom all the carpet to lay the carpets nap.  When then ask you to inspect the carpet to make sure you are completely happy with the finish.  If not we will re-clean any areas you’re no happy with. Only once you agree you are satisfied do we pack the cleaning equipment away.

Step 8: Replace and Protect Your Furnishings

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 8 Replace Furnishings with tabs
Once you are happy with the carpet cleaning and packed away we replace any furniture we moved and use protective foil cards or poly-blocks to sit any metal, wooden and fabric items on.  We do this just  so there is no contact with the damp carpet (this helps stop any colour transfer like rust or wood dye damaging the carpet).

Step 9:  Rapid Dry Your Carpets

Mr Monkland Carpet Cleaning Step 9 Rapid Dry Carpetpng
As we finish each room we use special large carpet fans, which help to rapidly dry the carpet so we are able to leave you with just damp carpets.  With Mr Monkland your carpets are never left wet.  One final Groom and we’re ready for the optional carpet anti-stain protector to be applied.

Why we Recommend You Always Have Your Carpets Protected!

As you can imagine we are called to lots of stains … however in 40-years we have NEVER FAILED to remove a stain from a freshly cleaned and correctly protected carpet.  Without carpet protector a spill can re-dye or bleach your carpet and cause permanent colour change or damage.

NEW Carpet With Protector

Many of the new carpets made today are protected by the carpet mill.   Although this invisible coating is like a shield it is NOT ‘bulletproof’ however you will intially benefit from a special ‘Triple-action’ from a new carpet with protection…
♦   Repels liquid spills – easy to mop up before they stain
♦   Resists damage to the fibres – scratches the protector
♦   Releases dirt and grit from the carpet – easier to vacuum

USED: Dirty Carpet With Protector

The carpets in your home are under a constant attack by foot and airborne soil, pollens and allergens.  These soils are trapped and held in the carpet as if the fibres were acting as a filter for your home.  Unfortunately grit in the soil will rub against the fibres when you walk on the carpet and scratch the protector.  Fortunately, this damage is only to the protective coating. and not the fibres so with cleaning, the carpet can be restored to a ‘like new’ condition.

CLEANED:  Freshly Cleaned Carpet With Protector

The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) recommend, for both the health and appearance of the carpet, that the average family, have their carpets professionally cleaned every 12-months … although you may not see the soil you’ll be amazed at the build-up of harmful dirt and grit in the base of the carpet.  This will stop the grit from removing the entire protective coating and preventing, long-term damage to the fibres.

DAMAGED:  UnProtected Carpet After Cleaning

An unprotected carpet can be damaged as the dirt & grit starts to cut like knives directly into the fibres, deteriorating their appearance and causing irreversible damage, so even with the best cleaning system possible the harm can not be reversed. In addition without regular cleaning the spills, airborne pollens and allergens penetrate deep into the carpet.

 THE LONG-TERM SOLUTION Regular Cleaning And Protection

Mr Monkland Carpet Protection - Protects in three waysThe only way to stop damaging your carpet and allow it to last longer is regular professional carpet cleaning and reapplication of the anti-stain protector.  This will help your carpets original ‘Triple-action’ protection shield by…
1.     Repelling liquid spills, allowing you time to mop them up to keep the carpet looking great longer.
2.    Resists damage to the fibres giving you longer lasting carpets, which saves you time and money replacing them.
3.    Releases dirt and grit from the carpet making it easier to vacuum clean and keep healthy.
Protect, your carpets and you’ll protect your investment, saving you time and money from not having to replace the carpet and make your home healthy and the carpets beautiful for years.  Our Mr Monkland ‘Perfect Care’ Maintenance Plan is the ideal way to protect your carpets while keeping then clean and healthy all year round.

Where We Work

Area Mr Monkland The Carpet Cleaner works around Edinburgh

Contact Us

We work in and all around the city of Edinburgh from three locations.

Admin Office:
Hammerhawk,43 Springfield View, South Queensferry,Edinburgh, EH30 9RZ
Off site Rug Cleaning Studio
Unit 18, The Rug Studio, Little Mill Business Park, Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow, EH49 7DA

Main contact line: 0131-331-2900

email: Info@mrMonklandCarpetCleaning.co.uk